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Bassist: Dirk Lance
Band: Incubus
Album: When Incubus Attacks Vol. 1
Song: A Certain Shade of Green (Acoustic Version)

I searched the net for a tab of this song for a long time and
found nothing, so i just tabbed it!, Its my first tab
hope it helps you. Note that this isnt meant to give every
detail about the song, just to give you an idea, so you can
work over that.

This is a pretty simple song, and really fun if you have
a guitar player and drums to play with.

This version (also called "Lounge Version") is REALLY diferent 
from the original one, only the notes from the chorus of the original 
one are used, and it has a jazzy rythim, gotta love it. 
It also screams IMPROVISATION in every chance you can do so. 
I tabbed the riff endings simply so its all up to you. Have Fun!

Intro: (just before the guitar starts repeating the main riff)

Chorus Riff:

You need to hear the song to get the rythim, but its quite easy, and the ending
is not exactly like that with the slide, but you can improvise a lot in that part,
You play 1 time after the intro and during chorus.


Verse Variation:

The verse is exactly the same as chorus, with a small variation on a couple of notes.
Its played during the verses, and the solos (Dj and Guitar).


Thats all!
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