• Song:

    We All Us Three Will Ride

  • Artist:

    Iron And Wine

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Iron & Wine - "We All, Us Three, Will Ride"
tabbed by Stone Birds

Capo on 1

its basically C G F

C    F    G   
3    0    3
1    0    0
0    0    0
2    0    0
3    3    2
x    1    3

When transitioning from the G to C, he uses the walk up:


there are also hammer ons for some of the C's.  just hammer your first finger from 
the open B string to the first fret B string.

intro: C G C C

     C         F        C
in a small far room the bed is set
                F    G
with trinkets all surrounding
C            F         C
yet ?lone it rests, so dry it sets
             F       G
with souls aside abiding
C                F         C
there moves legs warm, and close inside
           F       G
no, no leg braces a hello
C               F           C
and pictures on walls where paint is lame
                G      C
where sinks are friendly running

repeat intro and the same for all verses.
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