• Song:

    Something Of Love

  • Artist:

    Ivy Mairi

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Ivy Mairi (http://ivymairi.com)
Something of Love

Gleaned from a live solo recording.  The C9->C9/B->Am bit may use some slightly 
different inversions, but if you look sad enough while playing nobody will notice.  Good luck.

Capo 2nd fret.

Intro:  alternate C and C2 (x32030)

Trying, trying hard to figure
out things things before the even
happen.... will they ever


Dm           G
Something of loves inside me
C9        C9/B    Am
trying to set the course
Dm                G
but good sense it alway gets me
C9       C9/B     Am
pulls me back to shore
Dm             G
that we cannot know the things we
C9      C9/B   Am
haven't seen before
there must be something of love
that I know

(repeat intro)

trying.... hard
it's hard to understand
why can't a couple just
be separate
why she still be my friend

something of love points to the lineup at the door
tapping on my shoulder I didn't get the joke
if my were James McCutchen
I would throw a vote (?)
there must be something of love
that I know

bridge:  C alternated with Am, last bar walk the C up to an A

chance that I might not get a baby
it's been on my mind lately
ooh it's in my family

something of love I feel for someone who's unborn
toddler tuggin on my shirt sleeve asking me for more
cradle rocking by my bedside gently too and fro
is it something of love that I'll know

(repeat bridge)
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