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    J Tillman

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Great song.  Despite the many chord shapes, its actually very easy to pick up.   
Listen to the song to get the rythm and changes right.  The peculiar thing about 
the song, is at the end of each line, he does a little hammer on thing, which Ive 
indicated with the C and C* or G and G*.   Again, you'll have to listen to it to get it right.   



F/C      (E 033210 E)
C        (E 032010 E)  
C*       (E 030210 E)
Am       (E 002210 E)
G        (E 320030 E)
G*       (E 320010 E)
A4       (E 000230 E)
Dsus2    (E 002230 E)

F/C          C        C*     C     
I don't have enough
Am                G      G*     G
To get us all the way
F/C                   C     C*    C
Why'd you quit your job
Am                 G      G*     G
Leave without your pay
A4     Dsus2          G       G*     G
Wasn't worth that much..    (x3)

F/C                C        C*     C     
Broke into your mom's
Am                  G       G*     G
While she was fast asleep
F/C           C           C*     C  
We took the VCR
Am                   G        G*     G
Kissed her on the cheek

F/C               C        C*     C  
Got out to the yard
Am                G       G*     G
Put it on the steps
F/C                 C         C*     C  
You turned to me and asked
Am                         G        G*     G
'Who does a thing like this?'
A4      Dsus2      G        G*     G
Honey I don't know
A4      Dsus2       C
I don't know anymore

F/C                      C       C*     C  
We spent the next few years
Am                  G       G*     G
Thinking about how we
F/C                 C         C*     C  
Could make a better life
Am                   G      G*     G
With fewer casualties

F/C                 C           C*     C  
Until your mother passed
Am                G         G*     G
Left us all she had
F/C                 C          C*     C  
We moved into the house
Am               G           G*     G
We bought a TV set
A4     Dsus2         G          G*     G
Wasn't worth that much..      (x3)
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