• Song:

    About Who I Am

  • Artist:

    Jake La Botz

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Capo 3d fret


                   I've been living in...

Ive been living in the corner of your eye
Im the blindspot man, the privril (?)  guy
C                                A                      D7
You rarely think who and almost never ask why
I stay in the background where the walls are quite thin
The other side so near that I?m almost sucked in
C                                  A                    D7
But Im not yet released from the sickness of man
No longer o been (?) the ordinary rule
Beyond attraction to either of the poles
C                        A                      C
Suspending gravity with children of fools

D                                          G7
Nobody seems to give a good goddamn about who I am
D                                          G7
Nobody seems to give a good goddamn about who I am
       A7              G7       A  D7
About who I am, about who I am

Grandma told me I would catch a disease
She said no one sees an old woman but thieves
And the unseen world isn?t easy to please

The so called schizophrenics and the addicts coming down
May not see me either but they sense that I?m around
I in spite of paranoia by my lack of making sound


Prostitutes sell cheap glimpses of me
Poets steal them to prove they are free
Can anyone truly explain what they see

On the cliff overlooking the void I sing
Just passed the edge of the outermost ring
Never been the centre of anything
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