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Artist- Jane's Addiction
Album- Strays

This is an awesome song with a bluesy feel, but i cant believe no one has
posted it yet. The timing is a little weird but listen to it and i'm sure
you'll be able to get it. When doing the vibrato, bend the strings up and
down using the side of your finger.

~ Vibrato
h Hammer On
p Pull Off

Intro(Distortion) Played Quickly

e --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
b ---------6~--------8--8---6~--------66686-----------6~--------8--8---6~---|
g ---------6~--------8--8---6~--------66686-----------6~--------8--8---6~---|
d ---8-6-8-----8-6-8--------------8-8-------8-6-8-6-8-----8-6-8-------------|
a --------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------------------|

e ---------------------------|
b -------6668~---------------|
g -------6668~---------------|
d ---8-8---------------------|
a ---------------------------|
E ---------------------------|

That's It For The Intro. The Intro Is Also Basically The Verse Of The Song, Except
During The Verses There Are Several Variations. I'll Post The Rest Of The Song When
I Have Time.

Email Me With Any Corrections At williedylan8@yahoo.com
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