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janet jackson BLACK CAT     tabbed by Will Burns
                              e-mail: burnsy1983@hotmail.com
Intro and Chorus:

e-----------------------------------|   ~ = tremolo
g-----------------------------------|   s = slide(eg. slide from 6th
d-----7-------5--------5------------|             fret to 5th fret and
a-5-7---7~5-7---7~~5-7---7----------|             then from 3rd to 12th)


E5- (play this power chord all through the verse)

All the lonely nights I spend alone, Never around to love me
You're always gone Cause you're hangin out, Breakin' the rules
Oh the man has come Looking for you You're a rebel now Don't give a damn
Always carrying on With the gang I'm trying to tell you boy
It's a mistake I'm trying to tell you boy Before it's too late


B5                                         A5

Don't understand Why you insist On ways of living such a dangerous life

B5                                       A5

Time after time you stay away And I just know that you're telling me


Chorus: See tab right at top for chorus tab!!

!!!!CHORDS USED!!!!:
                       E A D G B E   NOTE: the x means dont play
                                           that string!!
                  E5=  0 2 2 x x x

                  A5=  x 0 2 2 x x

                  B5=  x 2 4 4 x x
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