• Song:

    Faith Like A Child

  • Artist:

    Jars of Clay

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This is a great song to play with just a guitar and very easy if you're playing the
right chords.  I got it by ear so it might not be exactly how they play it but you
can't tell!
standard tuning-basically barred chords

     G      Gsus    D     C                                   
e[---3--------3-----2-----0]                                 [2]
b[---3--------3-----3-----1]                                 [3]
g[---4--------5-----2-----0]    The D also sounds fine like  [2]
d[---5--------3-----4-----2]                                 [0]
a[---5--------5-----5-----3]                                 [0]
e[---3--------3-----x-----0]                                 [0]

During the verse switch between G and Gsus just as it sounds on the cd
Dear God: surround me as I speak. 

The Bridges that I walk across are weak 

and frustrations fill the void that I can't solely bear.

Dear God: don't let me fall apart. You've held me close to you.. and I have 

turned away in search for answers that I can't understand.
Transition to chorus...

      D       C             G  Gsus G Gsus
They say that I can move the mountains
      D      C                G Gsus G Gsus
and send them falling to the see. 
      D       C               G Gsus G Gsus
They say that I can walk on water
    D         C         G Gsus G(one stoke then mute) 
if I will follow and believe....with faith like a child.

Repeat verse and chorus and you basically have song
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