• Song:

    I Aint Ready To Quit

  • Artist:

    Jason Aldean

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Capo 2

intro : E

[Verse 1]

ESomething (022100@1)'bout lighting up a Marlboro red

And that nicotine rushing to my head
        AAnd (x02220@1)the taste of Southern Comfort on my lips
                          ETells (022100@1)me I ain't ready to quit

EThere's (022100@1)something 'bout driving way too fast

Switching gears and hammerin' on the gas
        AAnd (x02220@1)the fact that they ain't caught me yet
                           ETells (022100@1)me I ain't ready to quit


ADon't (x02220@1)start thinking I'm gonna stop
EGivin' (022100@1)it all I got

And you think you've seen love
                       BYou (x2444x@1)ain't seen nothing yet
             AHow (x02220@1)could I ever get tired
          EOf (022100@1)waking up by your side
         A (x02220@1)                F#mAnd (244222@1)the taste of your sweet kiss
            A (x02220@1)                 ETells (022100@1)me I ain't ready to quit

[Verse 2]

There's something 'bout the way you say my name
That drives this ole country boy insane
So baby don't stop loving me like this
Cause I ain't ready to quit

[Repeat Chorus]2x

*Edited version of  (1stchords.com)
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