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Em C D 
(verse 1)
 C           G
I'm broke down  
        C             G
On Spring Creek road 
     C          G
Makes me wonder  
               D            G 
Why I'm trying to go home 

But I left her behind 
I had things to do 
Just a long distance phone call 
To say I miss you 
But I got her recorder 
The phone took my till 
I'm a dime short of a cola 
And this machine won't take bills 
So I sit down and wait 
Diesel smoke and noise 
Ignored all the comments  
Of a few local boys 

     C           G                            D             G 
I wish I was back home with my friends and a beer. 
            C            G                D                  G 
At the Wormy Dog bar, There's none like it out here 
      C               G          D             Em 
I'd give my last Dollar to back on the road 
            C             G                       D                G 
There's 200 miles behind me and too many more to go. 
            C             G                       D                G 
There's 200 miles behind me and too many more to go.

Em C D

(verse 2)
There's a warm case of Pearl 
In my back seat 
But it ain't going to help  
Beat this highway heat 
But the suns finally sinking 
Gives me a hand 
I don't ask for much 
I guess you take what you can 
The truckers keep on rollin 
If this car wasn't my dad's
I leave the keys in it 
And climb in the cab 
I got oil on my hands 
And grease in my hair 
I'm stuck out here singing 
This Roadside Prayer 


(verse 3)
I doubt that I'll make it
In time for last call
There'll be no after hours
In trouble with the law

And Red's in his new room
In THC bliss
Ted's drunk as hell
You know Benny's pissed

And Neil's watchin wrestling
Hillary and Clay are up in bed
I throw down the bottle
And roll a number instead


Em D C
end on G
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