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       D/F#     G    A Bm  
I will wait for You, Jesus
           D/F#   G    Asus A  
You?re the sun in my hori - zon
       D/F#     G    A Bm  
All my hopes in You, Jesus
      G       A     Bm    A/Bm  
I can see You now arising

Verse 1:
          Em          D        C  
There?s a wall that stands in front of me
        Em     D           C  
That I know I just can?t climb
            Em    D         C  
But like an eagle You will carry me
Am(add2)    G/B       Asus  
It?s just a matter of time

Verse 2:
        Em     D     C  
An evil army?s all around me
        Em           D     C  
Another wall that is in my way
         Em        D        C  
But I believe the word You promised me
Am(add2)  G/B          Asus  
So I will wait another day

If you'd like an easier to read tab, just email me at bencharity@gmail.com.

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