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Band : Jellyfish
Song : Bedspring Kiss

Added By Mikhailo

C            Cm
His secret's out
    C               Cm                    Gm             F
The one he locked inside and denied every word about
     C                   Cm
He's guilty so his story claims
Gm                                      F
Twisting in his seat he repeats alone his name

Counting his woes
   D              Gm
Between his every line
          Ab                   C#             Eb
Searching miles and miles to define
             C#                     Eb
Just what it all means

As quiet as a church mouse
Painted every graphic scene but with few details
His accomplice had made sure of this
When she sealed it with a bedspring kiss
And when his time had come to go
Jimmy washed all of the blood stains from her clothes

But with a needle is his vein
It became too hard to explain
Just what it all means

Counting the words between his every line
Searching mile and miles to define
Just what it all means

Killing his time
A monkey in his vein
He knew he could not explain
Just what it all means
Just what it all means
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