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Band : Jellyfish
Song : Now She Knows She's Wrong

Added By Mikhailo


Gm                    D
It's not the same without him here
F                   C              (bass run Bb-A-G)
Twenty years of him dead and gone
Gm                D
This vodka does a memory clear
F                                          Csus      C
Though it's too hard to imagine what these tears are for

Eb        Bb/D          C#dim       F/C
A walkin' posterboy for all that's good
        Eb               Bb/D             C#dim  F
He gets swallowed by the cracks before he understood
    Eb                Bb/D             C#dim    F
She likes to think he loved her but it hurts so bad
     Eb      Bb          Gm      D-F-C
'Cos now she knows she's wrong

Gm                  D                              F
It always seemed to strike her strange his working late until the 
Morning spending so much cash
Gm                         D                           F
And the sweet smell of his angel's hair that seemed to cling to his
                 Csus      C
Lips just like a wax moustache

Eb        Bb/D        C#sus-F/C
A walking monument to DNA
       Eb              Bb/D         C#sus-F
Makin' love under the podium at the PTA
         Eb           Bb/D            C#sus     F
He's the principal of principles this love gone bad
Eb            Bb          Gm       F
'Cos now she knows she's wrong

C               C#dim
It hardly seems worth it baby
F                  Eb-Bb/D
Too late in asking why
C              C#dim
He juggled his honesty with
F                Eb-Bb/D-C#dim-F-Eb-Bb/D-C#dim-F
Two balls and an alibi...

Eb      Bb
Now she knows that
F       C
Now she knows that
Eb      Bb           Gm          C
Now she knows she's wrong

Eb        Bb
A walking monument to DNA...
Eb        Bb
A walking posterboy for all that's good...
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