• Song:

    One-eyed Cat

  • Artist:

    Jenny And Tyler

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intro: G D6 Am7 D6

[Part A ]
   G       D                 Am                   D
you gave up your one-eyed cat, still makes you sad, but i'm allergic
you gave up trips to the beach, you used to go every week to get some surfing
you cut back on a daily routine of chocolate ice and three french presses
you gave up playing solo gigs to sing with me, we sound much better

[Part B ]
F2             C/E                     Am7       D7
i didn't mind much giving it up, cause i got even more of you

[Part C ]
G             D                            Em7   B7  
honey, know i meant it when i said i do. as long as i'm alive i'll fancy you
C7       G
our love may not look much like hollywood's
Am7 D         Am7      D      C     C7
but i'll love you with all my heart, i'll love you with all my heart

[Part A2 ]
   G       D              Am            D
you gave me a diamond ring, on your knee in a puddle
you gave me your hand and trust, your very love and that was crazy
you gave me your confidence of faithfulness, when we're old and wrinkled
you gave me a kiss and a smile, a 'yes, i will be yours'

[Part B2 ]
F2             C/E                     Am7       D7
i'll never mind much giving you my love, i'll get even more of you
[Part C2 ]

[Part D ]
G          D            Em7             B7     C7              G            Am7    D
you said i do so i gave you my heart, i'll stand by you until death says we part

[Part D2/C3 ] 
[Part C4 ]
[Part B3 (1st-half)]
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