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Intro: F#5 , C#5 , Ab5

F#5                         C#5                  Ab5
Having an argument with myself down Elizabeth Street
Bumping into backpackers and
struggling with the parameters
                                       Eb5   C#5
and the basic construction of my feet

B5                Eb5
Shut up, no, you shut up!
Bb5                         Eb5
What's the matter, take a number, Buttercup!

Repeat the whole thing until:

Look closer, that's her intials

Play D5 and C#5 twice, and then C#5 , D5 and E5 on "tidal wave of vomit"
Then you go F#5 , B5 , E5 , C#5 , E5 and G5 and you then return to the normal chords from the 
verse. The timing is tricky on this part so you'll have to hear the song and try to play 
along it.

Two notes: you could play the song with a capo on the 2th fret to make it easier, in 
fact Jens plays it this way. Also, the first three chords of the song play a little melody 
which you'll have to play like this:

e | --2---------4---6----4--------------------------------------------------- | 
B | --2---6--7--4------------------------------------------------------------ | 
G | --3---6-----4------------------------------------------------------------ | 
D | --4---6-----6------------------------------------------------------------ | 
A | --4---4-----6------------------------------------------------------------ | 
E | --2---------4------------------------------------------------------------ |
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