• Song:

    A Love Song

  • Artist:

    Jeremiah Bowser

  • Album:

    Stole My Heart

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Intro: A  C#m7/E  D

    A         C#m7/E
It took me so long to find you
But the treasure is worth the wait
     A                     C#m7/E
I thought my heart would be mine forever
But God's timing is never late

 F#m                  A
What else can I see, when your face captures my eyes?
 F#m                  A
What else can I say, when your beauty steals my words?

  A                     A/E                         F#m          E
I've finally found the love of my life, and it is you
  A                     A/E                     F#m          E
I couldn't never imagine a love would be so true
     A                  A/E                     F#m          E
You have penetrated my heart, through and through
        A                 A/E                 F#m         E
And the best part is that you, you love me too

A  C#m7/E  D

  A                     C#m7/E
If I could tell of my heat's love for you
The history would be a life time long
It has awakened my eyes
To a brand new morning
My soul to a brand new song

 F#m                  A
What else can I hear, when your voice fills my ears?
 F#m                  A
What else can I fell, when your touch paralizes me? 

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