• Song:

    I'm Alive

  • Artist:

    Jeremy Camp

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Intro: Am

Verso 1:
I felt so overwhelmed with guilt
   E                                               F
I don't know how many times that I'd fight it
I'd try it and barely survived it
Am                                 E
I fell in the nearest pool of shame
Took the blame and everything that surrounds it
           Fm                     G
Well i found it and I drowned in it

G                               F                                                  G
Oh i never thought that I'd erase this or replace this feeling down
G                                                        F                    Fm
Oh but my whole life changed when you saved me and forgave me now

I'm alive I'm alive like i've never been
F                                                           C
Been revived from the lies that were deep within

it's the past now it's the past
           Dm                                                      Am
Cause Christ has given life where i'll never thirst again

Verso 2:
I lost everything I had
E                                                    F
But I'm glad cause I would never have found you
Well it rings true the words that spoke through
You've given more than I can say
E                                         F                    Fm
And I know that I could never repay you but I thank you
I can't wait to embrace you

Gm                        F                      Gm
Oh i can feel it now every time I turn around
                       F                                             Gm
Knowing I have been set free from the pain and misery
                       F               E
I will make the most, of this hope I have
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