• Song:

    You Are Worthy Of My Praise

  • Artist:

    Jeremy Camp

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Here It Is In Power Chords
Good Luck..........It Is A Really Good Song

                         Bb            C            G__G G F (4x)
Intro: Solo Chorus.......You Alone Are Worthy Of My Praise

G G             G G
I will worship (I wil worship)
     F F             F F
With all of my heart (With all of my heart)
C C                C C
I will praise You (I will praise You)
     G G                A A       D D
With All of My strength (All My strength)


G                D
I will give You All my worship
C               A A      D D
I Will give you all my praise
G           D
You Alone I long to worship
Bb            C            G__G G F (4x)
You Alone Are Worthy of my praise

The second verse repeats the chords
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