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                             Violet! - Jeremy Messersmith
Tabbed by: Macflash
Tuning: Standard
Capo 2nd fret

Jeremy usually plays his chords like this:

F#m: x x 4 2 2 2
G: x x 5 4 3 3

in the verse part, and plays them normally in the chorus, so:

G: 3 2 0 0 0 3
G/f#: 2 0 0 0 0 3

during the chorus

Em                   F#m
Streaks of earth matted in her hair
G               D         A
Beaten down but she won't scare
Em                       F#m
Blinks her eyes battered green and blue
G                      D     A
Ignorance can leave an awful bruise


G          G/f#  Em
So get up!
G          G/f#  Em
Get up!
            G      G/f#   Em     D    A   
G   A
Come on and get up               violet!

Riff that's played after each "get up"


Chords are the same for the next verse and for the vocal harmony section. Sometimes at 
the end he changes key after doing the "Get up!" part. I think he just goes up 1 step on 
the circle of fifths, it's also fine to just do the chorus again without a key change.

Blade of grass in her aching fist
Sets her jaw no she won't quit
She'll take the fight to streets and avenues
A little dirt can make a flower bloom
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