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by Jerry Jeff Walker
(This version transcribed from McKendree Spring 3)

D5              G5       G5        D5  
count all your jewelry and your lace
D5             G5       B5         A5
count all the shoes beneath your bed
D5              G5                  G5              D5
and while your counting all those things in your head
C5                 G5                D5
try and wrest the sorrow from your face

B5            G5
when you were young you courted
B5             E5
all the pretty boys
B5           G5                    A5
and laughed aloud with ones they knew
B5           G5        
and soon you walked and talked
    B5                     E5 A5
and thought just like them too
B5          C#5    D5                E5 
and now you wonder what's become of you



when you chose one to be your husband for your life
you weighed his good point by his gain
his promised security was fulfilled and you felt fine
now in your age those mellow years won't sustain 



now for imagination
where you seek out the one
who live a life of dreams they build
you have no gifts to share 
you've nothing for no one
so just watch the colors fade as you start to wilt

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