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* Capo on the second fret. 
      C5                          F5 
Got a pick-up truck and a sunny day 
    C5                         G5 
Texas morning and a good highway 
  F5                          G5                          C5 
A can in your hand and you threw it in the back of the bed 
Well the wind caught the can, it hit the ground 
   C5                                     G5 
Ya didn't notice cause you didn't look around 
        F5                    G5                          C5 
Now you're mess'in with Texas you gotta get it through your head 
      F5                   G5 
The can ended up in the road 
  C5                                  A5 
You really didn't mean to lose that load 
F5                              D5                     G5 
But the road is a mess and the road used to look so fine 
           F5                 G5 
Don't you mess with Texas friend 
           C5               A5 
Don't you make me say it again 
                                                        F5                                       G5                        C5 
When you're mess'in with Texas you're mess'in with a friend of mine.
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