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Capo III *

A Bm E E7 A

A                Bm
My old man had a rounder soul 
     E           E7                     A
He'd hear an ol' freight train and he'd have to go

A                             Bm
Said he'd been blessed with a gypsy bone
    E                   E7         A
And that's the reason I guess that he'd been cursed to roam

A                   Bm
Came to town back before the war
E                E7          A    
Didn't even know what it was he was lookin' for

   A                              Bm
He carried a tattered bag for his violin
E                     E7     A
Full of lots of songs of the places he had been

   A                          Bm
He talked real easy, he had a smiling way
E                      E7  A
He could pass along to you when his fiddle played

A                        Bm
Makin' people drop their cares and woes
    E                E7    A
And hum out loud the tunes that his fiddle bowed

A                             Bm
Til the people there began to join that sound
    E                              E7       A
And ev'ryone in town was laughin,' singin,' dancin' 'round

A                                     Bm
Like the Fiddler's tunes we all there heard that night
E                    E7   A
Like some dream that says all the world is right

Instrumental Break

The Fiddler's eye caught a beauty there
She had that rollin' flowin' golden kind of hair
He played for her as if she danced alone
He played his favorite songs, the ones he called his own
She alone was dancin' in the room
The only thing left movin' to that Fiddler's tune

Instrumental break

He played until she was the last to go
The he stopped and packed his case, said he'd take her home
In all the nights that passed a child was born
In all the years that passed, love would keep them warm
And all their lives they'd share that dream come true
And all because she danced so well his fiddler tune

Instrumental break

The train next mornin' blew a lonesome sound
As if she sang the blues of what she took from town
And all that I recall that was said when I was young
There's no one else could really sing those songs he sung

* Alternate:

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