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Well, our story starts in Texas, where he's tempered by the heat 
That skinny Alvin boy believes his fastball can't be heat 
      A5                                              E5  
So he brings it and he brings it and it passes every test 
        B5                       A5            B5              E5 
They're talkin' he's a wild man might be the fastest in the West 
Well, he's drafted by New York, he's gonna pitch up there in Shea 
With those amazing Mets, he'll help them take it all the way 
   A5                                                   E5 
He gets a World Series ring, he stays modest, he don't boast 
         B5                  A5                B5              E5 
Now it's off to California, where he'll make history on the coast 

A5                             E5 
Nolan Ryan, he's a hero to us all 
A5                                         E5  
Nolan Ryan, he stands straight, he stands tall 
He don't mess around boys 
A5       B5                  E5 
He just throws a mean fast ball  
Tom Morgan is the angel, gets Nolan in second gear 
Then he pitches four no-hitters in about as many years 
He's working for Gene Autry, they're calling him the Ryan Express 
He throws one ball a hundred, now he's the fastest in the West 
But after eight years on the left coast, he says he wants to come home 
So he signs on with the Astros, he'll bring magic to the dome 
As he throws his fifth no-hitter, they're talkin' about he might be the best 
In Texas people know, he's the fastest in the West 
Now he's a Texas Ranger, but he don't tote no gun 
He'll mow you down with the heater, you smell leather, hear it hum 
He throws a sixth no-hitter, the Oakland A's just met Big Tex 
Now they're gonna judge all the rest, boys, against the fastest in the West 
Now let's count up some numbers, he's forty-three years of age 
He's got 5200 strike-outs, six no-hitters to date 
There's 57 shut-outs, right up against 300 wins 
And on the very first ballot, the Hall of Fame's gotta take him in 
Chorus twice
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