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Capo 2 
              C            F     G               C 
Say if you're South of Oklahoma, east of New Mexico, 
C            F           G                   C  
West of Louisiana, where Papa Charles always go 
   C                           F               G             C 
We gotta a little place called Texas where the women grow on trees 
      C                   F                          G                   C 
There right there for the pickin' good buddy just as easy as a man could please 

F   Dm7    Dm 
Run take a hold 
                 F      Dm7         Dm 
You're gonna get young 'fore ya get old 
            F          Dm7   Dm 
Those Texas ladies are Texas gold 
                             G                          C 
Kisses that are sweeter than cactus take no practice to love yeah   
Now there east of Amarillo, a little south of old Dime Box 
You can find a Cinderella or a genuine Goldilocks 
And if ya don't like no love attachments, if your taste in women gets strange 
You could probably find some things to live on, down in old La Grange 
Chorus 2: 
You better run tell the world 
You gotta have a Lone Star girl 
With her cast iron curls 
Her aluminum dimples cause she's so simple to love 
Now she's probably in Dallas, maybe down in old Cowtown 
I've heard tell Texas women beat the others lyin' down 
I just thought I might tell you in case you were unaware 
'Bout those northeast Texas women with their cotton candy hair 
Chorus 3: 
You run dig a hole 
You gonna get young before you get old 
Now Texas women are Texas gold 
Ahh there sweeter than cactus 
Easy to love, yeah, easy to love 
Easy to love, mmmmm 
Chorus 4: 
You run tell the world, 
How you'll get Lone star girls 
With their cast iron curls, 
She's sweeter than cactus 
And easy to love....
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