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{t:Some Go Home}
{st:Jerry Jeff Walker}
DK. .  "Bein' Free". .  1970

[D] [Dsus4] [D] [Dsus4]

[D]A soldier [Dsus4]rides on a train to Tennes[D]see,[Dsus4]
[D]And half a[Dsus4]sleep he dreams, it isn't a [D]dream.[Dsus4]
[C]With each click of the [G]wheels on steel, a [D]face goes by,[Dsus4][D]
[C]With each face that he [G]loves he turns and [D]sighs.[Dsus4][D]
And he's [C]head[G]ed [Dsus4]home
Yes, he's [C]headed [D]home,
To try and find his [Dsus4]life again,
[C]And to wonder what's be[Dsus4]come of [D]them.[Dsus4][D]
[D]A young girl [Dsus4]waving goodbye while his mother stood [D]cryin',[Dsus4]
[D]With lips like [Dsus4]honey she was lovin' him all of the [D]time'n.[Dsus4]
[C]"Won't matter how [G]long you're gone, I'll [D]wait for you".[Dsus4][D]
[C]Now you know you were [G]gone such a long long [D]time.[Dsus4][D]
And you [C]can't go [Dsus4]home, no you [C]can't go [D]home,
Expectin' every[Dsus4]thing you knew, [C]to be waitin' [Dsus4]there on [D]you.
[G]That train's.. m[A]ovin' on down the [D]line,[Dsus4][D]
[G]Leavin' people at [A]every depot be[D]hind,[Dsus4][D]
And you [G]wanna begin some[A]where,
But you [G]remember what it like down [A]there,
So you move down the [D]line. Hm-[Dsus4]mm-[D]mm.

[D]Three rows [Dsus4]back a young woman looks out the [D]train,[Dsus4]
[D]Her eyes [Dsus4]reveal that her life is desperately [D]plain.[Dsus4]
[C]She's a woman who's [G]seen this world and not [D]touched one man,[Dsus4][D]
[C]She knows she [G]could if she would but she [D]can't.[Dsus4][D]
And she's [C]headin' [Dsus4]home
Yes, she's [C]headin' [D]home,
Back where life begins and ends,
And they [C]feel that you be[Dsus4]long to [D]them.
[D]But there was a [Dsus4]time that time when the time was so [D]right,[Dsusu4]
[D]Close e[Dsus4]nough you swear to G_d, you still smell the [D]night.[Dsus4] 
[C]But somehow the [G]clock struck twelve, the [D]ball was through,[Dsus4][D]
[C]Now here you [G]are, could that be [D]you?[Dsus4] [D]
Whoa you [C]can't go [Dsus4]on, no no you [C]can't go [D]on,
Livin' safe in[Dsus4]side your walls,
[C]Never taste [Dsus4]life at [D]all.
[G]That train's.. [A]movin' on down the [D]line,[Dsus4][D]
[G]Leavin' people at [A]every depot beh[D]ind.[Dsus4][D]
You [G]wanna begin some[A]where, but you'll [G]always take a chance out [A]there,
So you move down the [D]line.Hm-[Dsus4]mm-[D]mm.

[D]I sit half [Dsus4]drunk in the dining car and ob[D]serve life,[Dsus4]
[D]I got him [Dsus4]pegged and I'm pretty sure I got [D]her right.[Dsus4]
[C]When you've been as [G]far as I have, you  [D]know these things,[Dsus4][D]
[C]That's the reason that it's [G]sad and drank the [D]drinks.[Dsus4][D]
'Cause I [C]got no [Dsus4]home no, and I [C]need no [D]one,
Nothing to bring [Dsus4]pain again,
[C]It's great just [Dsus4]livin' on the [D]wind.
[D]But the woman is [Dsus4]met by her husband there at the [D]station,[Dsus4]
[D]And two stops [Dsus4]later the soldier's girl is still [D]waitin'.[Dsus4]
[C]I simply accept the [G]fact they're just [D]lucky, that's all,[Dsus4][D]
[C]But the fact is I [G]don't believe they pulled it [D]off.[Dsus4][D]
And I [C]can't go [Dsus4]on no, no, I [C]can't go [D]on
Making [Dsus4]everything I see, 
[C]fit the way that it [Dsus4]is for [D]me.
[G]That train's just [A]movin' on down the [D]line,[Dsus4][D]
[G]Leavin' people at [A]every depot be[D]hind.[Dsus4][D]
And you [G]wanna begin some[A]where
But for [G]me there's nothing true out [A]there
So I move down the [D]line.Hm-mm-[Dsus4]mm,-mm-[D]mm.
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