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Capo at 3rd fret.

    G  Gm7  G6  Gm7

Verse 1
    G                   Gm7
The Dutchman is not ...
   G6                    Gm7           Am
to keep his thumb jambed in a ...
    D                             G       Em
But that's a ...|
     G            Gm7
When Amsterdam ....
       G6               Gm7                   Am
in the morning Margaret brings him ...
   D                                   G      Em
He thinks the tulips bloom ...
            Am             D             Bm
He's mad as he can be, but ....
            Am              D7              G      G7
Sometimes she sees her unborn ...

       C         D            Bm
Let us go to the banks ..
          C            D               Em
where the walls rise a-bove ...
       C     D            Bm
Long a-go, I used to ...
         C           D7               G    Gm7  G6  Gm7  G ...
Now dear Margaret re-....[Intro]

Verse 2 is the same as 1

The Dutchman still wears wooden ....

The chorus again.

Verse 3 same as the other 2

The windmills whirl the winter ....
       Am    002210
       Bm    x24432
       C     032010
       D     x00232
       D7    x00212
       Em    022000
       Em7   022030
       G     320003
       G6    320000
       G7    320001
       Gm7   320002
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