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Capo 1 
I been pushin' that diesel since early dawn 
I ain't had no sleep boys, I don't know how long 
              C5                        G5 
A whole lotta trouble just makin' them curves 
                    G5        D5                     G5  
Now I need a little something to try and settle my nerves 

So hey little waitress, make my coffee strong 
           C5                              D5 
I'd like a king size filter and a country song 
A few pots of coffee to kinda pick me up 
          G5                        D5        G5 
Caffeine, Nicotine, and Benzedrine, wish me luck  
Well I was rollin down the highway with heavy eyes 
I saw a lit up billboard that had to advertise 
Everything for the trucker, lots of parking space 
And a sign out front that says "Boys this is the place 
Slide Capo to 2 (up ? step) - same chords 
Well I got hungover, I left Chicago late 
I got a big boss man boy that just don't like to wait 
?? in the mornin', I got to burn the wind 
And I ain't gonna make it, son, by the shape I'm in 
Caffeine, Nicotine, and Benzedrine and wish me luck
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