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G            C                        G 
They call you the bandit, an outlaw on the team 
                 Em     A7                  Am     D 
Shackled only by freedom , you wear no man's chain 
                 C                         Em   C   
Some say they despise you, well maybe they do 
                G         Am          D              G 
But deep down inside them , I bet they wish they were you 

              Em       C                      G    G/F#  Em 
Bandit you're reckless, and you live much to hard 
                  C    A                   Am    D  
Bandit you're the joker in the deal of the cards 
                       Em      C              G     G/F#  Em 
You're a legend to the old men, a hero to the child 
C               G            Am    D      G         
Bandit, steal a ladies heart, with only a smile  
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