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Intro: G5 , C5 , A5 , D5 (2x)                                                   (Capo 1)

Verse 1:
           G5                          C5
It was the summer wind, that blew you into my life,
           A5                            D5
It was the light and the sun that shined down on me
            G5                          C5
It was your beautiful eyes that looked into mine,
           A5           D5
At least I hope, it was you,
               G5                  C5
It's been said over and over and over,
       A5                       D5
That I can't get enough of your lovin girl,
           G5                  C5
I know I'm crazy and young so stupid but sometimes,
      A5                       D5
But I hope you realize that my love,
   D5               G5
My love for you is true

       A5   C5        D5
Do you know, you are beautiful,
    G5     A5       C5         D5
Cuz all I know is that I get weak
      G5                C5          A5     D5
Everytime you start to tease me under my sheets,
      G5       A5          C5 
Everytime you look at me,
Everytime you look at me

Interlude: G5 , C5 , A5 , D5 (2x)

Verse 2:
            G5              C5
Just let me know, if your alone,
                 A5                       D5
Cuz you can wake up next to me, I promise I'll keep you close,
           G5                    C5
Just don't let your eyes stray away from mine,
           A5                    D5
At least I know that your lookin fine,
               G5                  C5
It's been said once, twice, three times before,
            A5                       D5
It's that I can't get enough of your lovin girl,
       G5                   C5
Let me get a little close baby,
       A5                   D5
Let me get just a little taste,
D5   G5


A5                                        C5
  Cuz I'll give you everything that you need,
All the lovin, all the diamond rings,
I'll sing you songs all night and day,
Baby just don't run away,

Chorus (2x)
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