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Jesse Cook - Mario Takes A Walk [Intro]
Album - Gravity [1996]

Tabbed by: Subduer - 100% Ear-Transcribed
E-mail:  Exalteth@Gmail.com

Standard Tuning

I wanted to learn this song and looked for tabs online but
no luck with that,except some inaccurate ones I came across.
So I just tabbed the intro out by ear. I'm also putting it
out on Guitar Pro 5 but won't post it until I've got the entire
song. Unless any of you would like for me to post up the intro
on Guitar Pro? Let me know. I know some prefer GP5 anyways.

Well here it is, I'm sure most of it is right, if anyone one has
any corrections let me know. My e-mail is posted at the top. Thanks!
...and enjoy!

* let most of the notes ring

e ----------------------------------|
B --8------8-----8--7--8--7---------|
G --9------9-----9--9--9--9---9-----|
D ----------------------------10----|
A ------7-----7---------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

e ----------------------------------|
B --8------8-----8--7--8------------|
G --9------9-----9--9--9----9-------|
D ------10----10-----------10-------|
A ----------------------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

e ----------------------------------|
B --10---- 10---10--8--7---8--------|
G --9------9-----9--9--9---9---9----|
D -----------------------------9----|
A ------0-----0---------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

Copyright - Jesse Cook 1996
All Rights Reserved - International Copyright Secured
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