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Pretty sure this is correct, Jesse seems to switch between open chords and bars when playing live.

| G		| C		| G		| C		||

G		      C
The last car on the line
G			   C
I guess you're back doing time
G			C
The ghost of Christmas past
G			 C
Left Walt Whitman in the trash

      C	             G	           Bm   C	
You started out with nothing but lonely days
       C	      G		  Bm        C
You used to like the sad songs of doom and gloom
        C           G         Bm    C
You started with nothing but throwaways
       C	       G	 Bm C           
You couldn't live with me so you moved to Brooklyn
|G     Bm | C        D      | G    Bm | C        D		||

Artificial desserts
Some have cars some have kids
Hit the pathmark after work
Some never been past the bridge


|G     Bm | C        D      | G    Bm | C        		||

 Em		 G		 Em		 G		
Woah	-	oh		Woah - 	oh
  Em		  G           D        
I sometimes lie awake until sunrise
Em		   G               C		          	             
Wondering how we become what we despise

||: G		| C		| G		| C		:||

No more couches to surf
Only beaches in your dreams
No more trannies near work
It's still a drag walking in Queens

It's all blood money in the bank
Somehow some people find the nerve
Like the soldiers they thank down in DC
If I could only find the words


Outro:				x3
||: G     Bm | C        D      :|| G		||
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