• Song:

    Phantom of the Opera

  • Artist:

    Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Album:

    The Magic of the Music

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Song: Phantom of the Opera
Standard tuning (EADGBe)

This is the main part of the song, and is repeated with every verse.  You have to figure 
the timing on your own, but it's really easy if you know the song.

e --------------------------|
B --------------------------|
G --------------------------|    x2
D --0-----------------------|
A 0---0-3-1-1-----3---0-----|
E --------------3---3-------|

e ---------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------1--------3-1------------------------|
G ------2-0-0--0---0-2--2-----3-2-0------------------|
D --0-3-----------------------------3-2-0------------|
A 0---------------------------------------4--1-1-0-0-|
E ---------------------------------------------------|

Have fun with it!
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