• Song:

    A New Day Yesterday

  • Artist:

    Jethro Tull

  • Album:

    20 Years of Jethro Tull

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A New Day Yesterday Tab by Jethro Tull

A New Day Yesterday
By Ian Anderson
From: Stand Up

From the album with the cool woodcut art work. This is an older Tull tune with
the band still showing some ties to its "blue" roots. It is based around a nice
little hypnotic riff ably worked over by Martin "Lancelot" Barre.

Tuning: Standard

Em  0   G  3    A  0    C  0   C7  0
    0      0       2       1       1
    0      0       2       0       3
    2      0       2       2       2
    2      2       0       3       3
    0      3       X       X       X

THE RIFF!:                        Walkdown:                                
                                    G        Em

Em                 G  
My first and last time with you
Em              G 
And we had some fun
Em                        G
Went walkin' through the trees (yeah)
Em                    G
and then I kissed you once
A                 Em
Oh,      I want to see you soon
C            Em
But I wonder how
         G         A
It was a new day yesterday 
            C7        Em  (repeat main riff)
but it's an old day now

Em                 G
Spent a long time lookin'
Em               G
for a game to play
Em                   G
My luck should be so bad
Em                G
to turn out this way
A            Em
I         had to leave today
C                      Em
just when I thought I found you
         G        A
It was a new day yesterday
            C7       Em  (to main riff)
but it's an old day now

A lead is played over the main riff and walkdown motif then the band returns to
the chorus. They really slow down the "old day now" at the end and wring it out
for all it's worth. The live version on "Bursting Out" is a more up tempo version
and Martin really shows his chops on that one. Hope you all have fun with this one!
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