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    Perfectly Clear

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    Perfectly Clear

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I'm going by ear...but it sounds right to me!

Jewel 'Perfecly Clear'
Capo 4th

The doorway frames you
[F]                  [G]
A picure perfect silhouette
[C]                            [G]
Blue sky of regret, enough to hang you
Your legs seem to tremble
[F]                       [G]
At least I imagine that they do
[C]                          [G]
Then again it's probably easy for you

[F]                          [G]
But please don't open your mouth, my dear
I can read all the signs, I can take it from here.
[Am]                 [G]                    [C]
There's no need to explain, it's perfectly clear


Yellow wallpaper peels
[F]                               [G]
makes a strange halo around your head
[C]                            [G]
It's funny how I notice these stupid things instead
You say something awkward
But I wish that you wouldn't
[C]                                           [G]
A whole life of you wish you coulds but just couldn'ts

CHORUS (Same as above)

[Em]                    [Am]
So I try not to think too much
[Em]                [Am]
It only just makes me mad
[Em]                   [Am]
Spent half my life loving you
Think of all the love that I could've had

Five years worth of kisses
]F]                [G]
Are packed in your bags
[C]                             [G]
This tiny moment fits all the big things we ever had
And I can't quite pinpoint
[F]                [G] 
When it left or what for
[C]                        [G]
Love always steps lightly away from the door


This is a Beautiful song...and real easy!
I hope you enjoy it!
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