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    Serve The Ego

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    iTunes Original

Serve the Ego - Jewel  Capo 1
Tabbed by Kyle Morrison KJM030584@yahoo.com

Okay all the other versions of this that you find on the web suck.  I'm not saying mine
is 100%, but it's better.

Verse tabs
   Bm9        F#6(i think)

Mirror, mirror
Do you like
What you see?
I'll dance for you
If you dance for me
Who says a woman
Cannot serve?
It would be my pleasure
Who says it is
Not my destiny
To let you control me?

B              D          A
Underneath the disco light
            E           B   D   A  E
Everybody's feelin' all right
B           D               A
Get on your hands and knees
               E          B  D  A  E
And praise the new deity
(Strum the same chords that are in the verse)
Bm9       F#6          B D A E       
Seeeeeeeeeerve the ego
Bm9       F#6          B D A E 
Seeeeeeeeeerve the ego

Two ships sailing
On a neon sea
Eat the flesh
Spit out the seeds
Feathered hair
And lame heels
What turns me on
Is so surreal

 (Same as verses)
Bm9          F#6            Bm9
Tut tut, oh, to discover oh
Oh no, you're yesterday's lover

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