• Song:

    Stone Walls

  • Artist:

    Jim Croce

  • Album:

    The Definitive Collecti...

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Subject: c/croce_jim/stone_walls.crd
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 01:43:57 -0100
From: Paul Rimel 

STONE WALLS - by Jim Croce

               D              A                  D
             Spent too many years inside this prision
              G                   D               A
             Too many years just for one little fight
             D                D7          G                        G7
             He got what was comin and I think I've served enough time
              D        A     G/D
             I'm goin home tonight
              D                       A
             That stone looks mighty cold
                      Bm                    D7
             And the guard that walks that walk
                       G                D             A
             Is just waitin to get a convict in his sights
                    D               D7           G              G7
             But if I can clear the top you can bet I'll never stop
               D             A      G/D
             Cause I'm goin home tonight

                    G                G7              D           D7
Chorus:   Because stone walls do a prision make and iron bars a cage
           D                       Bm                A
          Any man that says they don'ts never been inside
                    D                  D7            G                    G7
          Cause in time the bars get closer and at night the walls grow
                    D                    A                 G/D
          Till you feel like there's a shackle around your mind

               D                          D7          G             D7
              Now those guards are on my tail, I can hear those sirens wail
                     G                  D                       A
              But I know that I'll get away and that I'll be alright
                          D                 D7         G                  G7
              Cause I'd rather live on the run, stand free in the mornin sun
                        D     A7      A             G/D
              Than to spend another lonely prision night

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