• Song:

    Killing Floor

  • Artist:

    Jimi Hendrix

  • Album:

    Experience Hendrix Box ...

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Jimi Hendrix
Killing Floor

Tabbed by : Andy B (email propagandhi15@hotmail.com)

This tune is pretty easy to play ,I?m surprised no-one has tabbed it all ready because its pretty simple.

(I?m a little unsure about the first 6 notes but just try and find the right note and email me please)


It goes like that for most of the song until the outro kind of part with these fills (I?m not to sure where they are but just try and fit them in)

G|-------------|     | ----7755-----------------| 
D|-------------|     | ----------557575757---| 
A|-575757---|     | -55-----------------------| 
E|-------------|     | ---------------------------| 

The fills are used once or twice throughout the outro.

Any correction email me.
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