• Song:

    Great Filling Station

  • Artist:

    Jimmy Buffett

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Subject: song - "GreatFillingStation.crd" - Jimmy Buffett
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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 93 13:22:37 EDT
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The Great Filling Station Holdup
By Jimmy Buffett

Intro:  G  D  A  D

I pulled into the regular pump
      G                D
I was feelin' quite at ease
                                          E                  A
I rolled down my window and told the man, "Fifty cents worth please"
 G                                  D
Then out jumped my partner with his trusty pellet gun
          D              D               A                 D
He said, "Boy, this is a holdup, keep 'a pumpin' and don't run"

              G            A                   D
     And now I wish I was somewhere other than here
      G            A           E           A
     Down in some honky tonk, sippin' on a beer
          G            A                   D
     Yes I wish I was somewhere other than here
                G                     D
     Cause that great fillin' station holdup
      A               D
     Cost me two good years

We got fifteen dollars and a can of STP
A big ole jar of cashew nuts and a Japanese TV
Feelin' we had pulled the biggest heist of our career
We're wanted men, we'll strike again
But first let's have a beer

(repeat chorus)

We were sittin' in the Krystal
About as drunk as we could be
In walked the deputy sheriff
And he's holdin' our TV
He roughed us and he cuffed us
And he took us off to jail
No picture on a poster, no reward and no bail

(repeat chorus and fade)

//   Mike A. Hall           // "They send you off to college,     //
//   //  try to gain a little knowledge,   //
//   University of Georgia  //  But all you want to do is         //
//   Athens, GA   U.S.A.    //  learn how to score." --J.Buffett  //

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