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Fence Riders- Jimmy Needham(Revalation 3:15-16)
Basicly the whole song is Am G F G over and over again.

Intro: Am G F 2xs

Am         G            F G    Am           G                  F  G    
Am I Foolishness to you?      And is it laughable the things I do?
Am             G                     F                 G
And can your callous mind see past yourself to his divine? 
Am         G                F
Am I foolishness to you?

Am      G              F                     G
Can I sing about my Maker, and have you not roll your eyes?
Am     G             F               G                  
Can I weep about my Savior, and the way he died? 
Am                    G        F                   G         
I know it don’t make sense to those who ride the fence
Am       G             F     G
But I’m sold out to Christ.

Intro: 2xs

Verse 2:
Am           G         F       G        Am           G        F
You call it loosening up, loosening up. I call it spiraling down. 
G                   Am        G       F    G      Am   G     F   G
Only one things the same; Only one thing remains.  Jesus     Jesus.


Bridge:Am  G   F   G   
Your all asleep, your all asleep, 
Your all asleep but he’s all I need.
And you don’t see it.

Chorus: 2xs

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