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Bm           A                   E
Remember when I asked you just to stay
Bm                    A                    E
Said you'd be gone for a while but be back someday
Bm                A                     E
But suddenly the truth doesn't feel so safe
Bm            A
You made a promise
You didn't keep it

Bm           A               E
There's no windows in this lighthouse
Bm             A            E
No answers to the questions why
Bm             A          E
No way to be found, be found now
Bm       A
Through the fog
So I'm trapped in this lighthouse, lighthouse

Bm                    A                  E
My heart is getting cold as I count the days
Bm               A                      E
I would give my soul for the chance to see her
Bm         A                      E
But all I see are these painted walls
Bm                 A      E
I'm going crazy, crazy, crazy

Bm                   A             E
This cliff I'm on is too steep to climb down
Bm                 A           E
I need for you to save from drowning
Bm                    A                     E
And a thousand tears will make a waterfall from me
You'll see
Bm                 A                          E
And it's loud and clear that I'm not getting off this rock
So stuck in this lighthouse

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