• Song:

    California Girl

  • Artist:

    Joe Purdy

  • Album:

    [non-album tracks]

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California Girl Chords by Joe Purdy

From the Sessions at Motor Ave. album.

Standard tuning:

This uses a capo on the 5th fret, but I like to play it without one, so I'll give you
the chords for playing it normally too, but I've written it with the chords played
using a capo.

Chords used, relative to capo:

G - 320033     (C - X32010)
C - X32010     (F - 133211)
G/F# - 200033  (C/B -X20010)
Em - 022000    (Am - X02210)
D - XX0232     (G - 320033)
D/F# - 200320  (Use G -320033 for this too)

Intro: G


C                 G
She's walking away

C                  G
She's making a stand

C                      G
She's moving to a new life

C                       G
She's moving with a new man

C                     G
But I got news for her

C                      D
The kind that I can't say

C                   G             G/F#       C
Cause I came to my senses, just a little too late

     Em         D/F#         C
So I watched her drive away

      G             D
And I waved goodbye

Em         D/F#         C
And as her tail lights fade

G        D/F#  C
Into the night sky


    G  G/F# C                       G  G/F# C
Say hey,      don't you leave me in LA alone

    G  G/F# C                            G  G/F# C   
Lover please, turn that car around and come back home

   G  G/F# C                 G    G/F#   C        
New York, such a beautiful city I'm sure

                  G  G/F# C           G
Its just too far from my California girl.

And then back to the verse. Beautiful song, enjoy. Comments are welcome.
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