• Song:


  • Artist:

    Joe Purdy

  • Album:

    Sessions From Motor Ave...

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Faketown Chords by Joe Purdy

From the Sessions at Motor Ave. album.

Chords used: 

G#m - 466444
E - X79997
B - 79987X
B/Bb - 69987x

Intro: G#m - E - B - B/Bb X2

Verse 1:

G#m         E                            B
Billys been driving all night he's got a dream
         B/Bb                         G#m
Wants to live up on the big screen

            E                       B
Just like Jimmy Dean, he's got his jacket on

        B/Bb                      G#m
And his hair combed just right

              E                        B                     B/Bb   
But there's a hundred just like him in audition lines tonight


I wish the walls would come down

            E                   B/Bb
I wish the walls would come down

          B                  G#m         E        B/Bb
I wish the walls would come down on whats left of this fake town

Verse 2:

Rosemary's driving downtown on something she heard from some talent scout
She's been working all day
So she could pay for those pictures to be done up in the right way
And it was such a shame, when he said that she was just another pretty face
He said no one ever gets nowhere, without shaking it here or there 
Honey life aint fair.

Chorus again, then a bridge part with the verse chords.

Improvements/comments welcome, its a great song.
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