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Nina And Albert Chords by Joel Plaskett

This is a great song from Joel, off his equally great album "LaDeDa". I wasn't a fan of
song before I saw t3h man play it live.

Here are the basic chords:

Em: 022xxx
Cm: x466xx
Ab: 466xxx
A : 577xxx
Bm: x244xx (for some of the chords, it's easier to play at 799xxx)
G : 230033
C : x3201x
D : xxx323

The first half of the song, the "Nina" part is played with just the power chords. If you
to get it to sound like it does on the CD, just use the first two strings of the power
and hammer on the third string with the rythym of the song. For the "Albert" half, just 
the chords and it sounds great.

 Em             Cm                    Ab
Nina...Nina...nobody knows where you've been

I looked everywhere

                      Bm       A    Em
From the Arctic to the Argentines

 Em             Cm                  Ab
Nina...Nina...darlin' come darken my door

               A                           Bm         A    Em
We've had tougher times, but what we wanna go there for?

 Cm                               Em
Every waking hour, lookin for a friend

 Cm                                          Bm
Tryin to get it started before we reach the end

 Em             Cm
Nina...Nina...all I asked for was goodbye

Now I'm driving 'cross the desert

         Bm           A               Em
Watching lightning skip across the sky

(in between the "Nina" and "Albert" halves)   Em  Cm  A  G

  G                     C-G
Albert, let's not fight

  G                                           D
I've been driving 'cross West Texas all the night

  C                        Bm                C
When a storm came down upon me, why you're angry is beyond me

Is there something I can do, to make it right?

 G                    C-G
Albert, you're my man

 G                           D
Nobody can love me like you can

 C                  Bm           C
Comin 'round behind me, lover don't you try to find me

I'll look you up when I think youll understand

 G                                 C-G
Albert, Ronald Reagan died today

  G                                               D
I pulled over the side of the highway and cried today

 C                  Bm      C
Black clouds hang above us, does anybody love us?
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