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Twenty Seven Chords by Joey Cape

 twenty seven 

from the split album, joey cape & tony sly "acoustic"

 its a litle tricky at first to play along with the CD because the piano
 usses a lot of different voicings but i believe these are the basic chords
 ussed. if you just want to play allone with one guitar you dont have 
 to play the sus chords and just a play major triad exept "Ebsus = B"
 Ebsus   ( for Esus just play everything one fret higher"duh",and for the 
 --x--     rest i sugest using bar chords around the 7th fret)

E          Ebsus  E         B     A 
 i hope you didn't mind when i saw you
           E                        Ebsus
 turn into nothing les then nothing new
            Esus  B E     B  A 
 before you wait to sleep it of
           E                      Ebsus
 how litle is enough what can you do
            Esus      B    E        B
 before you decide to make the last mistake 
 A                  E               Ebsus
 withdraw away from us and say goodbye
            Esus B   E     B   A
 to all but one that takes you away
 puts you to rest

    E                               B    
 on twenty seven street nothing wil keep you warm
 everything brings you harm
 everything here fails you 
     E                           B
 now lying at your feet everyone hails you 
          A                           B
 everyone worships you  everyone here fails you
 E     B         E            B         A
 i can figure it out and it's all about to
           E                      B
 turn into lack of wit on sinking ships 
              E      B   E   B      A
 i might have jumped but you jumped first
         E                         Ebsus 
 abandon ties that bind there's no salvation here
          Esus    B          E       B  A    
 i surely mis the times when we were so depresed
            E                 Ebsus
 know i mis you, i know i mis you
             E  B    E    B
 and you are missing sommething

interlude: A B E B x3

  Esus      Ebsus            E             B 
 you take a rip and then you find sedation some salvation
 A           B                 E
 masochistic,its only point of view
            Ebsus       A
 nothing is left to you everyone speaks the truth 
 everyone here fails me 
 E        B      E         B     A
 hope you didn't mind when i saw you


any mistakes mail me
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