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    John Butler Trio

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REVOLUTION - John Butler trio

STRUM dddd  dddd  for each chord in verse
      Palm mute

(I like to play the C chord like this (332010) for this song I think it makes it 
sound more like it.)

Em (022000@1)                              GSo (320003@1)tell me family now what do you think?
                C (x32010@1)                Asus2(x02200)  (use Asus2for (x02200@1)all A)
Watch it all go down that great big sink.
              Em (022000@1)                Gwatch (320003@1)how the scum rises to the top.
           C (x32010@1)                        ADon't (x02220@1)you wonder when it's all gonna stop?
             Em (022000@1)             GSometimes (320003@1)I wonder how we do sleep.
             C (x32010@1)                A (x02220@1)serving the dodgy companies we keep?
                Em (022000@1)                       Gall (320003@1)kickin n scroungin for the very first place.
         C (x32010@1)                    Adictionary (x02220@1)definition of a rat race?
             Em (022000@1)               GPay (320003@1)off the loosers we elect to lead.
                  C (x32010@1)                         Astealing (x02220@1)from the mouths that we're meant to feed.
                    Em (022000@1)            Genslaving (320003@1)the very clothes off of my backs
            C (x32010@1)                 AI (x02220@1)feel the sting but i hear no crack, no crack,

(STRUMMING FOR CHORUS - d, udu d, udu ddu)

C (x32010@1)                 GRunning (320003@1)through the fire
                    Drunning (xx0232@1)through the flame
                    Drunning (xx0232@1)through the hatred
                     Cpushin (x32010@1)through the blame
               G (320003@1)             Drunnin (xx0232@1)through hopelessness & shame
revolution already underway

Big Heavy Pirates man digging those holes,    messing with something that they can't control. 
Tresspassing lands where they don't belong,   all I hear is screaming where there once were songs.
I got my brothers there fighting those wars,  fighting over scraps and scraping their souls.
Under a blanket of a fire and pride     that can't keep us warm for the cold inside, 
inside, I'm saying


So tell me when you think we're gonna rise?   Wake from this slumber wipe the tears from our eyes?
Yes from this nightmare yes I must now wake,    open my fist my destiny I take? !
Good people sick and tired of being pushed around,      we call them kings but I see no crown. 
Tell me when you think we'll just stand up,     say enough is enough is enough,enough I'm saying


Take back your feet, take back your hands.      Take back your words, take back your lands.
Take back your heart, take back your pride.     Don't got to run, don't got to hide.   Revolution.

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