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E    A                  E 
Dark woman in the water drowning
A                   E    A  E
Sinking in a funny way
      A                    E
Black footing for a face exploding
A                   B 
Mimicking our final days

Middle 8:
    C#m        B       A 
The ocean will have us all
    C#m        B       A
The ocean will have us all

Dark woman in a cupboard burning
Woman, what have they done
Dark woman like a panther breathing
Woman, what can be done

Middle 8

Cold cost of the death of nothing
Slipping just like nothing did
Burnt scarecrow in the wind was choking
Smoking in the summer heat

     A          E
Barracuda, barracuda
          A                      E
Won’t you lay down your life for me
          A            E
Won't you love me barracuda
       A                                       E
If you always need to bring out the worst in me

Ten morons with their whistles blowing
Howling like a winter gale
Dark woman like a crow a-crowing
Crowing for the carrion meat

Middle 8

Dark forest with the moon arising
Smiling at you out of reach
Cracked window in a chapel dreaming
Hoping that the twain'll meet


by: José Duarte
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