• Song:

    Wicked Litle Town

  • Artist:

    John Cameron Mitchell

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Dadd9   xx0230
Dmaj9   xx0220
D9      xx0210
Amin7b5 x0101x
Dadd9 Dmaj9 D9 Dadd9
Dadd9 Dmaj9 D9 Amin7b5
Dadd9 (x43141@2)        Dmaj9 (xx4220@1)        D9    Dadd9 (x43141@2)You know, the sun ..
Dadd9 (x43141@2)   Dmaj9 (xx4220@1)         D9   D (xx0232@1) And hurricanes and rains ...
G7 (320001@1)             C (x32010@1)You're ... that hill
           CmYou (x3101x@1)... at will
                       GThere's (320003@1)nothing ... or bring you down
G7 (320001@1)        C (x32010@1)And if ... choice
                CmYou (x3101x@1)know ... my voice
                        GThrough (320003@1)the ... Of this wicked little town
A (x02220@1)   CDadd9 (x32010@1)Dmaj9 D9 Amin7b5

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