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C (x32010@1)               F (133211@1)        G (320003@1)         FI (133211@1)dont know why i keep on beleivin' you need me
              G (320003@1)                         Cwhen (x32010@1)you've proved so many times it aint true
C (x32010@1)                        F (133211@1)        GAnd (320003@1)i cant find one good reason for stayin
F (133211@1)        G (320003@1)                         CMaybe (x32010@1)my leavin would be the best for you

C (x32010@1)              F (133211@1)     Gbut (320003@1)these rose colored glasses 
    C (x32010@1)   F (133211@1)     Gthat (320003@1)im lookin through
     C (x32010@1) F (133211@1)    Gshow (320003@1)only the beauty 
          C (x32010@1)   F (133211@1)      Gcause (320003@1)they hide all the truth

C (x32010@1)                 F (133211@1)          Gand (320003@1)they let me hold on to the good times
     F (133211@1)            G (320003@1)                             Cthe (x32010@1)good lines the ones i used to hear when i held you
C (x32010@1)                     F (133211@1)        G (320003@1)      Fand (133211@1)they keep me from feelin so cheated, defeated
         G (320003@1)                              Cwhen (x32010@1)reflections in your eyes show me a fool

C (x32010@1)                   F (133211@1)    Gso (320003@1)i'll just keep on hopin believin 
      F (133211@1)        G (320003@1)                         Cthat (x32010@1)maybe by countin the many times ive tried
C (x32010@1)                   F (133211@1)       Gyoull (320003@1)believe me when i say i love you
    F (133211@1)             G (320003@1)                    Cand (x32010@1)i'll lay these rose colored glasses aside


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