• Song:

    Hand To Hold On To

  • Artist:

    John Cougar Mellencamp

  • Album:

    Words & Music: John Mel...

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Hand To Hold On To Chords by John Cougar Mellencamp

Hand To Hold On To
Written by: John Mellencamp

intro: (chords through riff) A......D E

A                               F#m
You can laugh and joke and make fun of your friends
A                           F#m
Spin in the middle when the troubles begin
D                         E
Take it nice and easy and always pretend
D                             E
That you're cool, so cool, so cool

A                                F#m
Say I'm alone and I'm wild and I will not be tamed
A                         F#m
Talk like a jerk or an educated brain
D                          E
Be an old girl drivin' the young boys insane
D                                   E
Be a joker, a preacher, it does not matter


A                 F#m
Every one needs a hand to hold on to
A                 F#m
Every one needs a hand to hold on to
D                   E
Don't need to be no strong hand
D                   E
Don't need to be no rich hand
D              E                   A
Every one just needs a hand to hold on to

repeat intro

A                            F#m
Havin' good luck with your financial situation
A                             F#m
Play the ponies, be president of the United Nations
D                   E
Go to work and be a Hollywood stud
D                                 E
Drive your four-wheel drive right into the mud, yeah

(repeat chorus)

A              F#m                A
And then those hours when you're alone
            F#m                      A
And there's no body there except yourself
               F#m               A
I know it, you wanna pick up the phone
And say, "Talk to me, talk to me
Somebody please talk to me"


instrumental: (verse chords)

Oh, yeah...ah

(repeat chorus 3 times)
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