• Song:

    Annies Song

  • Artist:

    John Denver

  • Album:

    Greatest Hits

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Annie's Song
John Denver
(in 3/4)

Intro:  |D  |Dsus4  |D  |Dsus4  |D  |Dsus4  |

D   |Dsus4    |G  |A  |Bm      |G         |D      |   |
You fill up my senses    like a night in a forest
        |            |G     |F#m |Em      |G          |A7    |   | 
Like the mountains in springtime    like a walk in the rain
      |            |G  |A  |Bm     |G          |D      |   | 
Like a storm in the desert   like a sleepy blue ocean
    |         |G  |F#m |Em    |A7      |D     |Dsus4  |
You fill up my senses    come fill me again

D |Dsus4    |G   |A  |Bm        |G          |D      |   |
Come let me love you,    let me give my life to you
       |            |G   |F#m |Em      |G          |A7    |   |
Let me drown in your laughter,   let me die in your arms
      |          |G   |A  |Bm       |G        |D        |    |    |
Let me lay down beside you,   let me always be with you
           |G   |F#m |Em      |A7      |D    |Dsus4   
Come let me love you,    come love me again

repeat first verse

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